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His Approach

The best way to attack a complex problem is to use simple solutions that benefit and protect working class families across the state of New Jersey.

His Story

Jonathan Lancelot is a young political maverick, who worked for defense contractor Lockheed Martin at the Pentagon, helped shape space policy in the US Senate in Washington DC, while moonlighting as a political activist on the side. He has been involved in political activism since 2004. He currently works as a computer technician, and has an extensive science background in computers and engineering. He knows the system inside and out, but prefers out. He is the man we need for New Jersey. He is not: a lawyer, prosecutor, real estate developer, or a former politician’s spouse, he is Lancelot, and he is not beholden to the Democrats, Republicans, or the special interests. Vote for him on November 2017


-We are 100 percent for clean water initiatives in New Jersey.

-We will fight for renewable energy economy, and give tax incentives to  N.J. residents when they invest in solar energy for their homes and electric cars for their transportation.

-We support prison reform and mental health initiatives to help those addicted to drugs instead of criminalizing citizens in need.

-We support an amendment to ensure workers pensions.

-We will fight for tax relief for N.J. residents and property owners by  reducing property tax and increasing education funding.

-We support modernizing N.J. public transportation for commuters.

-We support protecting public housing for N.J. residents in need.

-We support a single payer healthcare system in N.J.

-We support open primaries for all local, state, and federal elections

Next Steps…

Give New Jersey the first Governor for the people, by the people. Join our political revolution, and tell both Democrats and Republicans we are tired of being divided. We are all American!

Call to Action